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ARCC are;


Ann TwinkletunesAnn Twinkletunes

Sometimes know as the "Hendrix of the flute", Ann's work takes her all over the country playing roots music. It is almost certain that ARCC will not play live on St Patrick's day as Ann already has 7 gigs lined up.

Back from playing music and touring the Balkan states, she brings to ARCC tunes and inspiration from the musics of the region to inform and inspire us.


El Batista el Batista Chris

As part of ARCC since its inception many years ago, Chris, whose "tortured rhythms" (Hieronymuss in Venue) provide the backbone and power of the juggernaut that is ARCC in full flow, is also an accomplished exponent of various European folk genres and is often to be found pounding and tapping along in many of the Bristol and Bath folk sessions.


PinkMonsieur Le Pink

An expert in making a drama out of a crisis and mountains out of molehills, Chris' 30 years of playing the guitar has brought him, finally, to this. Possibly as a result of having his mind warped and his ears stretched by working with a number of Bath punk bands, several recording studios and as sound designer for the wonderful Cardiff based NoFit State Circus, whose current show ImMortal contains his work in the form of sound effects and incidental music.