Cinemascape by ARCC | Music for Free


Not many of the things you find in life are free, although in our attempt to show that the best things are, even in these troubled times, we are pleased to offer you great gobbets of the stuff....

free music, check it out enjoy, copy, listen, tell everybody, listen again and then come and see us play.

Here's a few tracks, newest first.

Chris' Birthday

Quite long at 22 min but a taste of what ARCC is up to in 2011, expect something similar at the Jason and the ARCConauts gigs in May.

Download MoonSpringBirthday

Sunday Skanking

A fun and funky little Sunday session. One of those tracks I like better after a bit of distance. 

Download Sunday Skanking

ARCC go to Wales

A big thank you to Chris Aplin who invited us to the very plush Cardiff University media suite to record Indian Queen. This recording is entirely in Welsh, although there are subtitles available for the hard of hearing.

Download Indian Queen

Springing 2009

We have a couple and one new tracks for you, Pop Pickers, hot from the ARCC forge, still gently steaming...

Introducing.... on the bass guitar.... Mikey M

Download Dubewise

Kalashnikov Kat

The Kalashnikov Kat and Other Stories EP

with saxophone and bass by Dave 'Needles' Pierce and violin by Ellie Sharpstrings

Recorded 5th and 12th November 2006.

Download The Kalashnikov Kat

Sunday Service

One of the aspects of ARCC is that we express ourselves through improvisation so in a real sense we don't practice, we play. Here is a recording from the early days of our meetings on Sundays.

Download The Waves of Hope Crash Against the Cliffs of Despair. Dec 05