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Invention flyerCinemascape is the name of the nights that ARCC have presented at Invention arts centre in Bath. Up to March 2005, these have taken the form of experimental "live rehearsals" to attempt to establish a mode of operation.

These events have generally consisted of mixed acts with a visual theme; video DJs, short films, acoustic bands and puppetry. Decor and showing of the film on multiple screens is an integral part of the show. ARCC have worked closely with VJ Fieldov (, DJ DreadNaught and world-renowned improvisatory musican Peter Reynolds to split a full length feature film into two or three sets.

For the last year of so we have forged a relationship with VJ Arnie who now produces visuals for all our events.

ARCC now consider that Cinemascape has a mature form, we have ploughed a lot of resources into equipment and set building, now it is now ready to be published. From now it will be appearing to a wider audience and in other venues. Please email if you would like to be kept in touch of forthcoming dates.

If you would like to book a Cinemascape event at your venue, please note that ARCC play for art and not for profit, therefore our booking fee is probably much less than you would expect.

Attention!! Film Makers, VJs

We would like to work with short film makers who have films that would be suitable for Cinemascape treatment, ideally less than 15 minutes long with no or minimal dialogue although we do spin in existing soundtrack if it complements the mood of what we are doing. Similarly we would like to work with VJs doing the reverse of our normal process. All things are possible!

Happy Jack

Sunday 23rd July Ashton Court 7pm

On Sunday in the Blackout Tent was the World Premiere of vox rock opera HAPPY JACK with entwined spoken word, music and video. Inspired by The Small Faces' Happiness Stan, this specially commissioned spoken word/ vid/ music event is a collaborative original work: words and story provided by Big Mouth local poet and author Rosemary Dun whilst ARCC provided their unique improvised soundtrack and vid mixing.

The audience were beguiled by this modern day fable of love and redemption from the death of the 60s to terrorist attacks. with equal measures of boats, hippies, sounds, and hope.

ARCC's ranks were expanded for the occasion with Dave 'Needles' Pierce playing devastating
3-hankerchief weepie saxophone and keyboards stroked by the ultimate in chill, Andy Drummond. Of course, we were accompanied by famous ARCCette, Rosemary Dun on spoken word and the inimitable Ian, DJ Fieldov spinning in the visuals.

A CD is available. See the news page for details.

We are hoping to do some more iterations of Happy Jack's tale in the autumn. Get on our mailing list by emailing and we will let you know when the gigs are scheduled.


Films that ARCC have performed to include the following:

manEasyrider powaqqatsi

2001: A Space Odyssey

1968, Stanley Kubrick, UK

African Queen


2002, Mamoru Oshi, Japan

Easy Rider

1969, Dennis Hopper, USA

Jason and the Argonauts

1962, Don Chaffey with effects by Ray Harry Hausen

Koyanniqqatsi, Powaiqqatsi, Naqoyqatsi

1982, 1989 and 2002, Godfrey Reggio, USA

Man with a Movie Camera

1929, Dziga Vertov, Russia

Vertov adopts the approach of the “city symphony” whereby the film’s duration recounts a day in the life of a city from dusk ‘til dawn, splitting each reel into a chapter of approximately ten minutes, each detailing an aspect of 1920s Russian life (work, for example).


Roman Polanski