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Let's talk dirty

...well techie anyway, here's our video tech, 2 DVDs, 2 cameras and a laptop feed into an Exxon matrix switch which in turn can route stuff straight to any one of 8 output channels, our 2 main projectors plus random and site specific video decor or it can be routed into the Panasonic MX-12 vision mixer. Our VJ mixes and processes these feeds in real time.

Our main projectors are two 2500 lumen data projectors but we also build video decor from anything to hand, we have another two projectors and there is often a projector or plasma screen associated with a venue.

Back projection screens

We recently played an away day for the good people of Eunomia down in Watermouth in Devon, a most beautiful place and our sequence of short films, ARCC Singles and Greatest Hits went down very well, to get the show into the fairly small clubhouse we made two 5 ft x 4 ft back projection screens to show the mix and the serendipitous use of the existing big TV for the raw film.

So we will be using these screens again for inside gigs, quick and easy to rig and a very effective light show in a small space.

The Spring tour of Western Bath 2011

Well, that's what it seems like, hopefully we will reach three very different audiences, albeit in a small geographic area.

We welcome the involvement of Bethan White, dancer, inspiration and cameraperson, Ashara the fabulous Scaerie Faerie and Arnie VJ and vision mixer, adding a new dimension to the performance and video decor. We can juggle more feeds and live camera enriching and deepening the visual side of ARCC.

To kick off this new and exciting development we are performing a soundtrack to Jason and the Argonauts, more on the Gigs and Concerts page

Eclipse - the new project from ARCC

ARCC are launching Eclipse, an acoustic based show with a core of vocals, flute, percussion and acoustic guitar with guest on a second melody instrument. This project is aimed at smaller, more intimate venues. A demo will be available shortly, please email if you wish to be kept in touch with developments or would like to book Eclipse for your venue or event.

Welcome to the mighty fingers of funk, Mikey M

Who has joined ARCC to provide a substantial and very groovy presence on the bass guitar. It means that ARCC now can start playing live again after a long absence - our last outing was in Stroud last year. The new, improved line-up is available and hungry for gigs - come on - get in touch.

And then they were four

Rob has gone off to be worker, father and dj. He has been playing bass with first Raukus and then ARCC for well over 10 years now so we find ourselves in interesting times. We have checked our bonds, found them to be well intact and now consider this an opportunity to rethink ourselves, a little bit of re-invention will lead to some exciting developments. Allowing the other voices to be heard in a different way. Some of this we share with you in our music pages.

'Happy Jack' live at Ashton Court Festival CD

Usually when you hear the words "world premiere" you can safely assume that although it may be the first performance for the public of that show there will have been extensive rehearsals and previews. When ARCC says "world premiere" - it does what it says on the box. Ashton's Courts preformance of Happy Jack, apocryphal tale of our times, was not only the first time the show had been preformed in any way, it was also the first time that bunch of musicans had all played together.

We have a CD for sale, personalised for you, of that performance at Ashton Court in the Blackout tent on 23rd July 2006. There will never be another exact repeat of that performance. The recording you will receive will in some way be totally unique. Maybe a mix, artwork, message? Try it and see.

How can you have more fun for £5? Send for yours now;
Happy Jack, ARCC, PO Box 1940 Bath BA2 6YN UK

ARCC go five

ARCC is now a five piece, welcoming our latest member Ellie Sharpstrings, voluptuous vixen of the violin. Ellie, with her accomplished classical background, smooths our rough edges and brings a touch of cinematic class to the proceedings. You can find out for yourself at one of our forthcoming gigs. And look out for her rendition of Miserlou, move over Dick Dale!

Musicians Wanted

ARCC are currently looking for a new synthesist and sound manipulator. So if you live in the Bath or Bristol area of Southwest England and have an interest in film soundtrack, do get in touch.

Attention!! Film Makers, VJs

We would like to work with short film makers who have films that would be suitable for Cinemascape treatment, ideally less than 15 minutes long with no or minimal dialogue although we do spin in existing soundtrack if it complements the mood of what we are doing. Similarly we would like to work with VJs doing the reverse of our normal process. All things are possible!